Why we shouldn’t go to the hospital

hospital-484848_1280Don’t get me wrong. The hospital is a great place if you break your arm, get shot, or crash your car into a tree. But it’s not the place we should go for help every time we feel bad or sick. Did you know that being treated at a hospital may be the third leading cause of death? Medical intervention can cause death from things like adverse drug reactions, surgery-related complications, infections, or medical error.

When we go to the doctor for fever, cough, diarrhea, or other less serious symptoms, often, all they have to offer is, “Go home, get rest, drink fluids, take Tylenol, come back if it gets worse.” Even for more severe issues like atherosclerosis (plaque in arteries), all doctors have are temporary fixes such as blood thinners with numerous side effects or heart surgeries like stents or bypasses. And if your lifestyle doesn’t change, you will eventually go back to the hospital with another clogged artery.

And what about cancer? Radiation and chemotherapy are by no means a cure and while they may extend your life, it is obvious that they are no walk in the park. Diabetes? Sure, we have a plethora of pills and injections to give someone but who really wants to live their life sticking themselves daily to play the seesaw game of blood sugar balance?

We need to take the power back into our own hands. Nutrition and lifestyle are extremely effective treatments for a variety of diseases. For example, heart disease can be managed and even reversed with nutrition and lifestyle alone.

Good nutrition and lifestyle are very effective for disease prevention.

It is entirely possible to heal ourselves with food. We just need to shift the way we think about food, we need to value nutrition the way traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic cultures do. We need more than just, “Eat more veggies, eat less junk food.” The kitchen should be our first stop when we feel ill, not the hospital! We need to know that pills and surgeries should be a very last resort, not the quick fix that it is today.

We need to stop addressing only the symptoms and not the cause.

Our health isn’t controlled by our genes. We all have the power to heal ourselves and live long healthy lives. Let’s help our friends, let’s help our communities, let’s help ourselves.

Learn more by browsing this site and check out these pages specifically:

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