The REAL problem with our healthcare system

diabetes-528678_1280What’s to blame for our broken healthcare system and our declining health?

Many would say it is our inadequate health insurance, or the rising cost of pharmaceuticals. Perhaps, it is all the pesticides or the giant marketing budgets of fast food chains.

Yes, all of these things are troubling, but we’re missing a big part of the picture.

We are a society of “symptom doctors.” What does that mean? It means we only go to the hospital once we have a problem, for example, chest pain. Then, when we’re there, the doctor says, ‘Oh, chest pain, take this medicine. If it gets worse we might have to do a bypass surgery.’ We try to eliminate only the symptom or the threat of death with pills and surgeries.

But, what about the source or the cause of this chest pain?

The United States spends the most on healthcare yet we have ever increasing rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, etc. This goes to show that it’s not for lack of good doctors or advanced technology that we can’t cure these diseases.

Prevention is the cure. Nutrition and lifestyle can save our lives.

This is the message we need to be spreading. Nutrition is highly undervalued in our society, unless it’s the latest diet fad. Doctors receive very little training in nutrition and often the most they have to offer is, “Eat more fruits and veggies.” Cancer patients are fed jello, hospital cafeterias serve every type of brown and fried food with barely a fruit or vegetable in sight. Nearly 1 in 3 children’s hospitals have a fast food restaurant inside! How can we expect people to heal? I believe that nutrition should be a part of every patient’s medical history and a large part of every patient’s treatment plan. It should be a thoughtful, everyday plan for each of us, before we get to the hospital.

We don’t have to empower ourselves, we already have the power!

see: for profit hospitals, gene expression


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