The word VEGAN



Many people hear the word vegan and cringe. They imagine barefoot hippies, animal rights punks, strict, disciplined fitness fanatics or some alien combination of all three. The truth is that vegans are everyday people who have stumbled upon the valuable information that society doesn’t make very accessible. What information am I talking about?


Well, for one, most people have no idea about the level of suffering experienced by animals used for foods, nor the deplorable, unsanitary conditions of slaughterhouses (that even “organic” or “free range” animals go to).

People are also in the dark about the extent to which our planet is damaged. Earth is in a dire state of collapse. The planet is not going to die, it is already dying. Eating animals and their products is a huge burden; the carbon footprint of a meat eater is much higher than a vegan’s, not to mention the exorbitant water and land usage for producing meat and the pollution emitted. Not to mention the fact that we are in the worst era of species die-offs since the dinosaurs and 99% of these extinctions are caused by human activities.
Sometimes it’s hard to make people care about the earth or the animals upon it but you can bet the average person probably cares about themself. And if you are one of those people, then that’s okay because eating a whole foods vegan diet will most definitely benefit you as well. Eating this way helps prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune disease. It also keeps you strong and vibrant, giving you more energy, improving digestion, and maximizing your antioxidant power. The benefit to the planet and the reduction in animal suffering just come as a plus.

Win-win for everyone!


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