The dangers of Google-itis


I am not the biggest fan of conventional western medicine. I am all for folks educating themselves and looking for alternative holistic, natural treatments. However, when scouring the unfiltered internet, it is important to have a critical eye when reading articles or advice on natural healing. Otherwise you might suffer from what is known as “Google-itis.”


Google-itis – the tendency to ignore all conventional medicine or professional advice and instead google your illness, self-diagnose and self-treat in a misguided way based on random people’s blog posts


Did you know the nutritional supplement industry is a billion dollar industry? Companies bank on the fact that the average person will follow some half-baked internet advice and buy a bunch of vitamins and herbal concoctions to try and heal themself.


Here is some advice to avoid suffering from Google-itis:

  1. Always seek a medical professional for serious or life-threatening issues.
  2. If you can, seek the advice of nutritional therapist or naturopath that you trust.
  3. If you must google to self-diagnose and self-treat:
    1. First search websites you trust. Here are some of mine.
    2. Read things critically, don’t believe every single thing you come across. Try to judge the website or writer based on their credentials and reference sources. Look for peer-reviewed research papers published in big journals.
    3. Read a lot, that way, you get a big picture and the most mentioned herb or supplement may be the most effective.
    4. Cross reference with a textbook if you can.
    5. And don’t scare yourself! It’s easy to google yourself into thinking you have cancer or some other serious disease. Seek a medical professional for these diagnoses!

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