Considering a menstrual cup?

For those that have a71u-2eRkneL._SY550_ monthly cycle, buying (& trashing) menstrual products every month can be quite a burden, not to mention most tampons and pads contain perfumes, bleach & other chemical residue. If you haven’t heard of reusable menstrual cups, now is the time to give one a try! I did and now I can’t believe I hadn’t tried one sooner.

There are many types & brands of menstrual cups; big ones, small ones, different shapes, ring or ball tip, & on & on. This can make choosing one very overwhelming! While I haven’t tried every style and brand, my favorite is the lesser known Femmy Cycle cup.

Much of what I hear from people who can’t get into menstrual cups is that it hurts to put in & take out or it leaks. The Femmy Cycle cup has a quick learning curve (only took me 2 cycles to figure out how to use it with no leaks or pain) and it’s perfect for small to average sized people. If you want to compare sizes of different brands just google ‘menstrual cup comparison’ or go here.

I like the ring tip as I find it’s very easy to grab and pull out. Femmy Cycle also has a teen size and low cervix size. Check them out! You will be so glad to never have to run to the store and pay $10 for a box of tampons.


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